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Prep it for Brexit

As we continue down the rocky road of Brexit together we wonder what is around the next corner of the Brexit talks.

You may currently be at the beginning of your introduction to Import / Export & customs compliance requirements. If you only ever ship intra-EU then what happens post brexit may feel overwhelming and confusing.

Currently the only thing we can say is while the negotiations are ongoing for a Free Trade Agreement this can take years to actually agree with all parties, 27 EU Countries and the UK whether an agreement can be made in record time we have to wait and see.

Some things to do in preparation of Brexit.

Be mindful if there is duties applicable on your goods come Jan 1st 2021, they will need to be accounted for in your gross margin.

A brief snippet of what will be required post Brexit, we will be continue our advice over the coming months as new information and agreements are made.

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