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Ireland's greatest import.......Jack Charlton

For almost 10 years Jack Charlton led the Irish team to a glory never before reached by any Irish team. From Italia 1990 to USA 1994, images from the summer of '94 still play in my head of flags and banners. My 12 year old brother having been diagnosed with Cancer and was staying in Temple Street, another little 4 year old patient Edward running down the corridor with a Green, White and Orange inflatable hammer his little bald head but ultimate joy on his face. As a 10 year old I got to see first hand the joy brought to people who needed it most.

We're all part of Jackies army and Put 'em Under Pressure some well known tunes belted out to this day at football matches, in pubs and at any large Irish gathering.

We would like to acknowledge Jack Charltons contribution to Irish Football over the years and as the great man that he was.

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