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Moving to Ireland and transferring your residence!

So you are thinking of moving/returning to Ireland and wanting to bring your personal belongings. Here is tips for you regarding the customs clearance aspect of this procedure.

Outside State:

Prepare before you leave - get the form (C&E 1076). Fill it out and assign a broker to liaise with Customs on your behalf.

c-and-e-1076 transfer of residence
Download PDF • 222KB

You must be out of state for over 12 months

You need to provide at least 3 documents showing you lived in the Country you are leaving.

  1. Bank Statement, Phone/Gas/Electricity Bill (one from 12 months prior to your return and final bill),

  2. Rental agreement / Cancellation of Lease/ Sale of home documentation.

  3. Letter from employer stating you no longer work there / pay slips

Inside State:

  1. Bank Statement to new address / Any Phone/Gas/Electricity Bill in your name at your new address

  2. Rental Agreement / Contract of employment / Social Welfare letter

  3. Staying with family? A letter from your local Garda Station stamped stating you live at the address is sufficient. A bill put into your name.

Certain goods are restricted you can find them here.

Bringing a Vehicle - You need to fill in a TOR - VRT Form

You will need to have owned the car over 6 months, provide the registration certificate and the VIN will be checked to ensure they match. Insurance certificate and proof of use service/maintenance.

There is no relief for customs duty and vat on excisable goods alcohol, tobacco other then normal allowances.

Tools of the trade will be dutiable but if you owned business abroad and are starting similar business in Ireland you may be able to claim relief.

Once the container arrives with all your belongings you can begin to make the house a home.


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