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Are you ready for Brexit?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Brexit has been four years in the making and we are still very much in a state of unknown. Companies in Ireland need to prepare for a No Deal Brexit, know what tariff codes your goods fall under, if there are any restrictions or licences required. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best. The best been Trade deals and Simplified Procedures. A huge number of Irish firms would not be used to dealing outside the EU knowing and understanding what requirements customs have in place for goods arriving at our shores. With less than 6 months until the leave deadline the time has come to learn these things. Remember your Customs Broker will be with you step by step to help you through the unknown.

Here are some helpful websites:

Companies can also apply to Intertrade Ireland for Funding to help you prepare for Brexit:

IST are keeping up to date with all of the important information in regards to Brexit, we will be ready when the GB leave the EU.

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